Department of Economic History

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Senior lecturer in Economic History - Innovation and Sustainability

Published: 2018-11-23

The Department of Economic History is looking for a senior lecturer and research leader for one of the three branches of the department’s innovation research. A person who has a base in innovation research, preferably focusing on sustainability, for example within one of the disciplines economic history, economics, business administration, sociology or economic geography.

Research and teaching on innovation and sustainability have been some of the rapidly expanding fields of the department in recent years. Innovation research at the department currently has three main areas: technical historical changes, innovations and global sustainability, and Swinno, the database of Swedish Innovations.

Applicants should show interest in working on developing the Swinno database and research programs. Swinno is a high-quality innovation database that currently covers the period 1970–2016 and is based on technical journal articles on Swedish innovations. The development of the database will mainly focus on sustainability in the coming years, related to Vinnova’s strategic innovation program The project and the database are planned for the next five years to employ the following staff: One research leader and PI (this position), one research engineer, one project assistant, one postdoctoral fellow and additionally three researchers working 10–20 percent of full time in the project.

As for teaching, one of the department’s three master’s programs has a specific focus on innovation and sustainability – Masters in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development – with some thirty students, but we also give two courses with these themes at the bachelor’s level. Innovation and sustainability are priorities research and education areas at the Lund University School of Economics and Management.

The position covers both education, research and administration. Teaching takes place at basic and advanced level and also includes supervision and examinations of theses at the bachelor's and master’s level. Additionally, there are good opportunities for supervision of future PhD students.

The work in research and administration means being a research leader for Swinno, both in initiating research and in the further development of the database. This also includes initiating and working with the future research funding.

Last application date is 18 January, 2019.

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