Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Doctoral Projects

Prince Young AboagyeThe Political Economy of Income Distribution in Ghana: 1890-present.

Jens Andersson: Long-term development of fiscal capacity and structural change in francophone West Africa.

Siddartha Aradhya:

Zeyuan ChenElderly support in contemporary China 

Enrico Debiasi: Life course health and well-being in a long-term perspective

Elien van Dongen:

Annika Elwert: Immigrant Intermarriage and Native Exogamy in Scandinavian countries, 1968 to 2009.

Maria Mwaipopo FibaekRural Development and Welfare in Colonial Kenya, c. 1900 to 1963

Kathryn GaryMen’s and women’s work and wages in early modern Sweden, 1500-1850.

Emrah GülsunarInnovation Waves and Global Restructuring in Western Europe: 1960-2014

Samuel Jenkin: Foreign Investment in Southern African Agriculture.

Omar Karlsson:

Sascha KlockeLong-term trends in inequality and agricultural policies in Tanzania, 1890-present.

Viktoras KulionisEnergy, trade and economic growth since 1970

Volha LazukaFighting infectious disease: the lasting effects of public health and medical innovations 1880-1945 on health and labour income. 

Jason LennardMeasuring Macroeconomic Shocks: Evidence from the United Kingdom, 1750-2010.

Igor MartinsThe economics of slavery in the Cape Colony: a study from its onset to its downfall, 1658-1834

Hana NielsenCoal, commerce and communism: Empirical studies on energy history in Central Europe.

Julius ProbstThe evolution of regional economies in the Nordic region - A long-run approach

Tatiana Pyshkina:

Luis SerratosIncome Inequality in an Ageing Population: A Life-Course Approach Comparison of the Swedish and Finnish Cases.

Anna Tegunimataka: Educational Outcomes and Labor Market Entry of the Immigrant Second Generation in Sweden and Denmark, 1980-2011.

Emelie Rohne TillThe Role of Agricultural Transformation for Developing Countries to Catch Up: Lessons from Ethiopia’s Development Experience 1993–2015.

Yannu ZhengThe inventive performance of immigrants in Sweden and its determinants.

Martin ÖnnerforsMortality and morbidity from waterborne disease and chemical exposure in Sweden.