Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Doctoral Projects

Prince Young AboagyeThe Political Economy of Income Distribution in Ghana: 1890-present.

Enrico Debiasi: Life course health and well-being in a long-term perspective

Elien van DongenLong-term trends in Swedish intergenerational mobility, 1850-2015

Maria Mwaipopo FibaekRural Development and Welfare in Colonial Kenya, c. 1900 to 1963

Kathryn GaryMen’s and women’s work and wages in early modern Sweden, 1500-1850.

Emrah GülsunarInnovation Waves and Global Restructuring in Western Europe: 1960-2014

Sascha KlockeLong-term trends in inequality and agricultural policies in Tanzania, 1890-present.

Viktoras KulionisEnergy, trade and economic growth since 1970

Elisa Labbas: Longer working lives and caregiving across the life course.

Igor MartinsThe economics of slavery in the Cape Colony: a study from its onset to its downfall, 1658-1834

Julius ProbstThe evolution of regional economies in the Nordic region - A long-run approach

Tatiana Pyshkina:

Vinzent OstermeyerThe Swedish Industrialization from a Micro-Level Perspective, 1863-1913.

Luis SerratosIncome Inequality in an Ageing Population: A Life-Course Approach Comparison of the Swedish and Finnish Cases.

Emelie Rohne TillThe Role of Agricultural Transformation for Developing Countries to Catch Up: Lessons from Ethiopia’s Development Experience 1993–2015.

Martin ÖnnerforsMortality and morbidity from waterborne disease and chemical exposure in Sweden.