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EOSE02 Colonialism and Economic Change in Africa, Asia and Latin America, 7,5 credit points  ​​​​​​​

For programme students onlY

The course considers the roots of contemporary development problems from a long run perspective. Emphasis is placed upon economic change in the south during the period 1500-1945. The course adopts a comparative approach by drawing upon the varying experiences of a number of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin American. Contemporary development issues are placed in the context of historical processes such as imperialism, independence movements, nation building, the unique course of transformation, in addition to analysing conditions linked with advances or obstructions to economic development.

This course is set from a southern perspective where the colonised are seen not only as victims, but active participants in the process, taking pre-colonial societal structures into account. The course examines national, regional and local development processes from a long run institutional perspective. In this context, special attention is afforded to income distribution patterns and gender aspects. The course also encompasses diversification within and outside of agriculture, cross border migration and urbanisation processes as well as the global division of labour.

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