Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen

Ekonomihögskolan vid Lunds universitet

EKHE52 Business and Society - a Dynamic Perspective, 7,5 credit points (ETCS)


In this course we study one of the hallmarks of modern economies: enterprises, their origin their development and their alternatives as the open market. We focus on the role of enterprises (firms) in their context, that is how demographic, economic, historical, legal and political factors explain the structure of firms – but also the other way around, the demographic, economic, historical, legal and political impact of firms. We start out by looking at theories on why firms do exist, what they do and what makes them expand or dwindle. We are also looking at intra-corporative issues such as the role of strategy, corporate governance etc. for firms’ development.

The course is one of two courses that are included in the course EKHE51 (15 credit points). The other course is EKHE53 Financial Systems – Development and Crises.