Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

EKHT43 Advanced Topic: The Rise of the Rest

Graduate level, 7.5 hp (ECTS)

The aim of the tutorial is to examine the long-run development patterns of Africa and Latin America in the light of recent experiences of high economic growth, poverty reduction, democratization and integration in the global economy. In the course students will, from a variety of theoretical perspectives and with the help of a number of indicators, discuss the extent to which the regions have fundamentally shifted development paths. Emphasis will be put on diversity of pathways within the regions and on the analytical usefulness of comparing conditions for economic development between Latin America and Africa.

The tutorial consists of two parts. The first part emphasizes the debates on long-run economic development in Africa and Latin America. It takes it point of departure in some of the seminal works that have had a significant impact on both the scholarly community as well as among policy makers and advisors. The works are critically assessed in relation to the most recent empirical findings concerning the trajectories and forces of long-term economic development in Africa and Latin America. In the second part, we use our understanding of the long-term patterns of change to discuss the more recent economic political, technological and institutional changes in Africa and Latin America. We discuss what lessons that can be derived from history. A comparative approach is applied as we ask what the economic history of Latin America can tell us about Africa and vice versa.