Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen

Ekonomihögskolan vid Lunds universitet

Dominic Mealy


I completed a two year master’s degree in Economic History here in our department in Lund, then worked for three years in Berlin as a business press editor and economics analyst with a focus on non-BRICs developing economies.

To build a rigorous multi-country, multi-sector database on marketisation in advanced capitalist countries that can be used my myself and other researchers. To make a unique individual contribution to the literature on the determinants and impact of different trajectories of marketisation and develop a deeper understanding of the role of crisis in facilitating structural transformations under capitalism.

Research project:
I am part of the “Crisis and Transformation: the rise of financialization and marketization in the late 20th century” headed by Professor Jonas Ljungberg.

Something surprising about me:
I used to organise raves and performance art events.