Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Parliamentarian and farmer wealth database 1769–1895


This database contains data from probate inventories after Swedish parliamentarians who represented the landed peasant class during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The records of 583 parliamentarians is supplemented by inventories after 1,521 reference farmers, representing their voters.

For description of the database, see PDF file.
The reference when using the database is:
Bengtsson, Erik, Anders Larsson and Mats Olsson (2019), Parliamentarian and farmer wealth database 1769–1895, Lund: Department of Economic History.

Title (Sw.): Databas över förmögenhet hos riksdagsmän och bönder 1769–1895

Keywords (Sw.): riksdagsledamöter, riksdagsmän, ståndsriksdagen, andra kammaren, 1700-talet, 1800-talet, bönder, bondeståndet, bouppteckning, förmögenhet, skulder, fordringar

Ola Jönsson from Kungshult, peasant parliamentarian 1859–1875