Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

EKHB21 Growth, Stagnation and Inequality in Africa

Only available in BIDS programme

This course gives a deeper presentation of long term trends of economic and social development in Africa, with special focus on the agricultural sector. The course takes its point of departure in current challenges and debates and provides alternative historical explanations to issues of poverty, underdevelopment and inequality. The course emphasizes the diverse historical paths and the importance of Africans in shaping the patterns of change. Themes include: theoretical and historiographical perspectives on Africa's long-term economic and social development; historical obstacles to agricultural transformations and technical and institutional responses to these obstacles; African initiatives and resistance in agriculture and the struggles between African peasant agriculture and European settler agriculture; the colonial legacy; the role of the states and markets as facilitators and/or obstacles to economic growth and structural change.


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