Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

EKHE43 The Rising Giants - China and India Entering the Global Scene

Undergraduate level, 7.5 hp (ECTS)

This course gives you a much improved first hand understanding of the rise of Asia's two giants - China and India. First, modernisation and industrialisation in socialist China is explored from the pre-communist era until today. The process of transition from plan to market economy is unravelled. The institutional set-up and socio-economic achievements of the emerging market economy are contrasted with, but also causally linked to, those of the socialist planned economy. Secondly, the Indian economy from colonial times to present day is studied. Particular consideration is given to Independent India, contrasting and linking the miracle economy of the 1990s and the new millennium with the preceding forty years, scrutinising the economic policy of past and present in terms of economic achievements. Focusing on China and India will allow for comparisons of Asian development experiences where processes of economic growth and structural changes are analysed from the point of view of equity between individuals, groups, class and gender together with the challenges of achieving environmentally sustainable development.